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Group art show:
Los Angeles, New York City,
Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Paris and Nice, France, Monte Carlo One Man Shows:
Private Collections: United States,
Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Singapore, China, and Japan.
The Smithsonian (Associate Member)
Contemporary Art Center - New Orleans Kennedy Center - Washington, D.C.  Collaborators de Ministre et de Parlementaires, A.N.S.P.C.M., Paris, France (1972) Talibert Gulf Internationale Honorary Senator of The State of Louisiana  Honorary Citizen of The City of New Orleans Key to the City of Dallas, Texas Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem
Studied with Pablo Picasso (1968)
Studied French and American Impressionism Studied Byzantine Art Studied Primitive Art: of Zaire, Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast Studied on Egyptian Art Studied French Furniture from the Houte Epque Studied Pre-Columbian Art - Olmeque Period Studied East Indian Art Pondyaa, Korkota, Pala, Utpalaskle, Kakaroya, Yadava, Mamluk styles Studied Indonesian Art
Traveling Studies:
  • Thailand - Siamese Art Studies
    India - Multi-area studies, Vishnu
    Nepal - Study of Buddha
    Tanzania - Evolution of the art
    before and after colonization
    Ivory Coast-Religious difference in wood carving
    Nigeria - Art of the Yoruba carver
    Egypt - The graphic of Hieroglyphs
    Israel - The evolution of Hebrew art
    in the last 50 years
    Greece - Studies on sculpture
    Turkey - The dramatique and politique
    art in Phese and Bergam
    China - Tang period (caves at
    Dunbuang in Western China)
    United States - Arizona and New Mexico
    Native American art, Hopi and Navajo
    Japan - Japanese calligraphy (Zen),
    the essence of Show
    New Guinea - Fiji-North Australia-New Zealand-religious influence in carving figures
    Mexico - The religious effects of the Olmeque art
    United States - the form of expression of
    men by the architecture and finance
    United States - The value and reaction of contemporary art in the U.S.A.
    Brazil - Manaus, Amazon-studies
    on the Jivaro tribes
    Ethiopia-research on religious fresco painting